You have about a million wonderful ideas floating around in your head. You’re a planner. You’re the idea person. Execution is for doers. You’re a thinker. You’re the idea person. People who do stuff neeeeeed you.

Would you be surprised that I enjoy the heck out of Ello?


You could read this: for a not-quite-perfect explanation of my current motivations. You could also just skip reading that and listen to these more eloquent people express more impressive expressions of the same ideas:

Ze Frank’s FILDI -

Ira Glass on the Creative Process -

Ian Thomas - Right Before Your Eyes

Mercer Mayer is on Twitter. You should check it out in case you want to revisit your childhood:

He is addicted to hashtags. It’s funny. Little Critter would probably love hashtags.

In which some history website gets all “factual” and disputes Dave’s claim that they “did whatever the heck they wanted” cause they “had maces.”